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I went through a phase of grabbing too many URLs whenever a new idea popped into my head--and then letting them languish without the time/discipline/energy to execute.

Recently I connected with someone who was publishing a podcast with the very same name of a domain I owned but would probably never use. I just gave it him. Much more useful under his control than mine!

I haven't sent anyone a book, but I did feel the urge to pass a book along that I had read since the bookstore was out of stock. The name of the book was Love Has A Face by Michele Perry.

She's a woman who followed the call of God to the Sudan and now has an orphanage where amazing things are happening.

After reading this book, I want to get a copy and give to all my friends. I did give it to my pastor and his wife because the book made a huge impact on me.

If we all loved like Michele Perry does, as Christ wants us to, imagine what could be accomplished.

Have you ever been overwhelmingly struck by the urge to send someone a book? Recently? I'd love to know the book, the circumstances...

Yes. I sent you Sex, Drugs, & Cocoa Puffs because i thought you would be impressed.

1. I just sent someone "All Hands on Deck: 8 Essential Lesson for Building a Culture of Ownership" by Joe Tye. Why? Because the person I sent it to was complaining about his staff not taking ownership in some of their roles and functions.

2. I've often wondered about the URL renting biz too. Problem is that when you don't own it, the landlord can kick you out and take advantage of the traffic you've built.

3. I think Mel Gibson has always been who he is. Just watch Mad Maxx. :) We probably just created a different reality of who we thought he was after he made Passion.

Have you ever been overwhelmingly struck by the urge to send someone a book? Recently? I'd love to know the book, the circumstances...

Seth Godin's book "Linchpin" is the most recent book I've experienced this with. As I read it I kept thinking about a guy on my team who does a pretty good job of taking care of everything that's asked of him, but who has a bit of a hard time being a self-starter. I felt like the book would really speak to him and help him take a step towards really realizing his potential as a key player on our team. I gave him a copy of the book- he was so thankful to be invested in that he read most of it that night; it's led to a bunch of great conversations and some great growth in him. I'm thankful I followed that urge.

I'm reading WAR of ART by Steven Pressfield and I've thought of more than a few people who should read it. I'm late to the fan base for that one, but it is a classic kick-in-the-pants read.

Eugene Peterson's book, Tell It Slant, blew my mind. I gave it to a friend who I knew would think about and appreciate it. We both loved it and the conversation out of it has been almost as wonderful as the book. :)

His whole series has significantly changed my view of the kingdom and what ministry is.

i love that book too felicity.

and luke, i was totally impressed. =)

Felicity, War of Art is on my top 20. That book changed my life as a writer.

Ben, I just keep thinking about poor Mel Gibson, he's really lost his mind it seems. I am thinking it's alcohol abuse for many years that has caused this dementia.

I am the queen of sending people books, I love books. I believe that every person in the world should read The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, It's #1 on my list..I've sent several copies to people only for them to tell me "I don't understand this book" :-(

I recently sent my buddy the book, Ancient Future Worship by Robert Webber. We have started tossing around the idea of planting a church together and there are a handful of books i think will stimulate some good conversation. This was one of them.

1. Sent Susan Isaacs' "Angry Conversations with God" to a friend who wants to be an actor. Like me, he loved it.

2. Offered a dude $100 for a URL i admitted i only wanted (didn't NEED) and he admitted he would never use and he refused to go under $300. No thanks.

3. I assume give them as much time as they need to get over it :)

4. i dont know, but i bet decades of star treatment only exacerbated the problem.

5. This isnt just a pastor thing, he said sheepishly.

6. but i like "ghost work"

I think everyone learns to live with disappointment. If someone doesn't like that I unfollowed them from Twitter, I just say, "hey I got rejected from coaching/mentoring programs." =P Life is full of disappointment. (most of the was a joke)

Ben, your dream of a prayer movement was awesome. Don't give that up. Thanks for not holding it against me. =)

geez you guys are book givers...

my address is...

I went on a huge book sending phase a while back when I had a job. I sent all of my friends Eugene Petersons devotional book called Solo.

I loved it and thought it was a great devotional to go through each and every day.

I would love to read books and then pass them along. I might start doing that.

I just gave a copy of The War of Art and Spiritual Leadership (Oswald Sanders) to a girl I mentor. I also got a copy of Don Miller's A Million Miles in a Thousand Years for another girl I mentor. As I talked with both these girls about stuff they are wrestling through, I found that I kept referring to those books. So I just got them for them.

Heather, are you the Heather of the book, "The Revolution , a Field Guide to Chsnging You World"? I love that book! It's one I tell people to read to find out the dynamics of different social issues in a nut shell.

I read Shopclass a while back. It's 1) about the relationship between the physical world and our work and 2) about vocation. It helped me as a teacher and discipler to think about vocation. It also helped me to notice my own activities in the physical world-all of life doesn't happen on the internet.

It made me wish I'd studied a trade and then studied to be a pastor.

I LOVE to give away books. I'm an avid reader and of course hope that everyone else is too. But when I come across someone who really loves to read I can't help but go through my library in my mind til I find the perfect book. And usually I do. I'm a notetaker (even in fiction books) so most of my books have notes in the margins and extra pages. I only give away my books. I don't usually purchase new copies to give away. My budget doesn't afford me that luxury. But I learned several years ago that my book offerings were accepted differently when I gave away a book that I had written in. Maybe its a bad thing but its worked for me especially with ladies I have discipled. I also love giving away my Bibles. I love being able to study my Bible and knowing that some else will be reading my notes. This is a great way to pass on what has inspired me, challenged me, and kicked my butt.

Latest give away...out of print copy of Amy Carmichael's If. A friend found it for me in Scotland. Gave it to a young poet.

And speaking of books to give away, Ben, I have a set of books for one of your dream yearlings and I can't remember her name and don't have her contact info. She's in Fl. Does that help? Can you email me her contact info? I would love to pass along some books I have on mentoring women.

When I moved from California to Des Moines for Gateway Church, my wife had to stay in California for almost 3 months before she could join me.

The week I left I got her a 32gig iPhone 3Gs and it killed me. I should say it killed me at the time. It's been almost a year now and my "old" 3G is working just fine still.

I like to think that it meant a lot to her though, that I didn't buy the new one and give her my old one. Who knows...maybe I missed out ;)

Kretzu, my hat is off to you. You are a man among boys

I'm gonna make sure my wife doesn't read this.

u can redeem urself by gifting an ipad to her Robert =)

Honestly, if the people on Twitter are tracking who is following them and who isn't, they have a serious pride issue that needs to be dealt with anyway. Go ahead and guide them that way.

I'm sure everyone reading this is hoping they aren't the person being unfollowed though :)

I didn't send the book, but i, last week, gave a coworker my copy of "Personal History" by Kathryn Graham.
Ms. Graham was thrown into the spotlight/leadership of the Washington Post following the death of her husband in 1963.
It's a great book for anyone, but women especially, who think "I could never do x."

I've given away a ton of books. Too many to tales to tell here. I do have Linchpin & War of Art on my to-read list though... so if anyone wants to send those my way my address is...

I agree with Daniel Decker's sentiments otherwise. My thoughts exactly.

--Terrace Crawford

Ryan your adventures are far too entertaining to miss out on

Gail you are too smart for your own good

Terrace we need a book swap program

Reason For God by Tim Keller and Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. Gave them away to both non-Christians and Christians.

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