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How about incorporating the ability to download a movie instead of keeping the movie on board ala Netflix?

Or make the 6 hour cartridge rechargeable and returnable and give the owner the option to rent or own.

If they own then downloads can be $0.99 a pop and are only good for 24 hours. I'm sure someone could write an ap for that.

Yeah - I was kinda thinking it would need to be a RedBox type thing: Movie/Battery combo with Vending machines at every domestic airport. Always inside security, and you can mail it back for free if you forget to return it when you land.

Killer Idea.

One thing to figure out is re-charge times on the battery. RedBox and Netflix can immediately send a returned DVD back into circulation after it's returned - you battery idea would need time to recharge which means larger inventory.

What you could do though is buy a battery that is the exact amount of power that a 2-3 movie would need, so it runs down almost all the way every-time (conserving the "memory" of the battery) and making sure you aren't charging the battery with more power than the movie length requires so you can get that unit back into the field ASAP.

i'm surprised that ideas generated discussion. =) thanks for the feedback.

BP should have solved the oil leak problem this way - just asked for ideas and started a discussion.

Late to the party... but WOW Ben...

"It's really hard to make Jesus famous when you are." The weight of this sentence...

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