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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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Hey Ben, I had to laugh at the pic of your son standing while the rest of the kids were sitting. Reminds me of one of my sons. And your book is wicked awesome dude...Really good work!

Ben, WiBo was incredible. Thanks for this. I personally "needed" every message that was spoken from the platform. I'm still unpacking... and will be for a period of time I'm sure.

--Terrace Crawford

Can't wait to meet Dylan someday. He seem like a rebel ... Maybe even a deviant? ;)

Good to hear all went well for WIBO.

> We may be coming to a city near you... very soon.

Think about northern California. The whole emerging movement passed over San Fran, it would be good to have a magnet event to build relationships.

> c) year one of being an entrepreneur.

That's good to know. I (and I think others) were a bit confused, and thought Dream Year, Whiteboard, Story were interim projects, and your next move was another church plant. It's nice to see that entrepreneur is the mission.

> Dylan's our non-conformist.

I thought all of you are non-conformists! :)

thanks Josh!

Terrace, it was great to see. Need to hang sometime in June...

Justin, you and Dyl are up to no good, that's all I gotta say

Mike, I survived occupational ministry and am thankful for that season, but I'm loving this new life

"If you grew up in a legalistic church and now spend your time writing satire about it, we get it, we got it. Yaaawn."

that statement alone was worth this whole blog entry. thank you and may our children be more gracious to us than we've been to our parents.

I can already picture my son, who is a 6 year old fashionista, bringing ties back to church. When he's an adult he'll be saying, "Can you believe my dad thought you should come as you are to church? He actually wore jeans - to meet with the King of the Universe Wear your best suit and tie."

If you grew up in a legalistic church and now spend your time writing satire about it, we get it, we got it. Yaaawn.

I love this.

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