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Awesome young worship leaders, Chad and Skyler Watson (they are newlyweds) Contact them on twitter @cwatsonphoto and @skylerwatson.

How old Andrea? Thanx

Andrea Webber Smith is a talented young worship leader to have on your radar. She leads worship at in The Woodlands, TX.

Ben -

I can't remember his name, but I saw a video during the 'I love my church' series at of a teenager that led worship for one of their campuses.

I'm about 90% sure that was the series. you can probably get in contact with him easily.

Josh Howard is our worship leader for our high school ministry and will also lead the campus crusade band next year at Ohio State.
here is his youtube channel

great leads... thanks so much. definitely looking for teenage worship leaders


Chad is 22 and Skyler is 20...but they don't look a day over 18! :)Here is a video of Chad playing and Skyler singing.

They are not leading worship at the time, but they do that on a weekly basis at their church.

Hi there Ben.

I know you said you're interested in teenagers, but thought I'd recommend these twenty somethings also:

I went to school with Meredith Andrews. ( She leads worship at Harvest Bible Chapel (James McDonald) and has a few albums out. I believe she is 27-28 yrs. old.

Patrick Ryan Clark leads worship at my church- Watermark Community Church in Dallas- late 20s or early 30's.

Jay Dela Cruz - 23 years old. About to graduate from Evangel University in Springfield.

Can contact for demos

chris mcclarney. just released an ep and is worth a look

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