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That's awesome! I'm excited for SoChurch, they're going to crush it for sure.

It's great to have you on board, Ben. We look forward to doing big things together this year and beyond!

Have you looked at the "The City" which was developed by Mars Hill, Seattle and then sold to Zondervan. Is this a competitor or something different?

sochurch doesn't have a database in it; it's purely a communications platform, and the price point will reflect that.

Been hearing about this a lot, but I've seen nothing that explains what it actually is. Is there somewhere that explains it (both english and geek, preferably)?

A lack of detail around a huge launch (or rather, a launch with huge names behind it) can, for some, smell like vaporware. Me? I smell potential. But I can't tell if this will affect my world yet.

Sounds exciting! Your post on the future of blogging raised important questions.

i think their team is still defining the terms by which they'll describe it. but it's a communications platform for churches that interacts with people where they're at.

sometimes, i think we get great ideas for "the church," but the problem is that no one asks the medium and small-sized churches what they think on the ground level of the idea. so, we get tools that work for big, influential, cutting-edge churches that the little/med guys try to use and just get frustrated.

i'm really jazzed about the potential of this...just hoping it will work for my size church.

(also, pet peeve alert: only two girls? boo) ;-)

I'm very excited about this. I've been hearing the buzz and thought I heard that it's going to be released this month (September). Unlike "The City", they designed it for small and medium churches, but it can also handle the largest churches' needs. We need this!!! Hope the team at SoChurch is as good as I've heard.

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