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B I N G O :)

I wonder how this was true or not true with the Apostle Paul and his teams of planters and church leaders?

i wrote a whole section in CITM on gift colonies. Not personality colonies, but similar...

> It's easy to move on when a personality colony doesn't feel comfortable or natural. But if you can hang in there, you can make the greatest contribution to that church.

Generally, it is easier to hang in if you are close to the dominant type - maybe two or three letters in common.

If you are totally different, or one of the smallest MBTI types, you may want to seek out "bridge" people. Those people have letters in common with you, as well as letters in common with the dominant culture.

Also, it helps to seek out others with your type, outside your church. Having a critical mass (5 or 6 people) helps. Get together often, over coffee, lunch or dinner.


Donald Miller just wrote a similar post in the last few weeks about how personality informs theology at the individual level. (He's using the enneagram moreso than Myers Briggs for his piece, but its essentially the same idea--like attracts like).

Having seen how it plays out at the organizational level in the profit sector, I'm not surprised to see that it holds true in churches.

Well said Ben! And when those personalities resign or retire, the church changes. Not necessarily right away but it changes... often with a significant attendance decline. Stephen Covey highlights this dynamic in 7 Habits of Highly Effective people... character ethic vs personality ethic

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