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great learning... hmm, no note book - forcing a different kind of learning.


btw, send me a copy of your book and I'll twitpic it ASAP!!



"3. Christian conferences are in an "arms race" for production, speakers and programming. Try going in the opposite direction and strip down... simplify." (screaming 'YES' at the top of my lungs)

"The church has forsaken the natural beauty of venues. We turn all the lights off and light up the stage to hide the abhorrence of our big box rooms."
-I think the "church" has forsaken the natural beauty of what makes the church truly a church from scripture for the sake of being "relevant"

We speak far too long in the church world. Does it really take 45 minutes to make a point?

If we are truly unpacking what the scriptures are saying then yes but if we are just telling people how to feel good on some topical thing then no.

I very much enjoyed your observations. Not solely based on the content, but also for the critical eye you possess. It is important to learn from what people are saying, but its better if you can learn from what everything else says as well.

thanks for the comments. great stuff

Good stuff! You make some great points here. As a speaker, and an event producer, I particularly like your point about slides. It would not only be helpful for the coordinator to take care of that for me, but the ebb & flow of the conference would be so much better.

--Terrace Crawford

Oh, something else (i forgot to say)... While I agree that conferences should not be reduced to one-liners... I think that everyone has a different takeaway from events. I can flip back through my moleskin and see literally just ONE line that stuck -- gave me the aha! -- from a conference here or there. For you, one song may be your takeaway.

The point here is that if all you do is make a list of one-liners from a conference you've somehow missed it. But if you takeaway something meaningful, whether it be a song er that one-liner, you've learned between the lines (as you say). =)

--Terrace Crawford

Terrace, as a speaker, how do you like your water - in a room temperature bottle or in a glass with ice?

I'm totally kidding you. =)

Hey Ben! Love this post! It's the reason I read what you're doing (and the reason I plan on being at Story!).


You have a great producers eye. :) Many of us could do ourselves (and our organizations) well to develop better Peripheral Vision when it comes to how we see experiences. So much more happens outside the very center of the gaze.


@Ben - Its all outlined in my rider... =) jk.

--Terrace Crawford

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