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Hey Ben did you track if the people who "didn't like it" were paying registrants or guests who were not invested? Just a thought.

You make a great point here, Ben. I hope one day churches will embrace this. Not everyone is going to be a fan of our church. Let's learn to be okay with that and focus on the core of our people instead of changing what we do or how we do it on the whim of every "not a fan" comment. Let's be who Christ has called us to be to those he has called us to be it to.

So true. Sad part is that most people would get that feedback form and focus more on trying to woo the 15% instead of reinforcing the 85%.

That 15% rocks the confidence of many in a way that I've rarely understood.

What's the quote "Try to be all things to everyone and you'll end up being nothing to no one?"

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