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Ben, I read the first segment on amazon. I love it. I am on a leadership team for ARC called the A-Team. I do some of the assessments of the new planters as well. I can see how this book will probably become one of our must reads. I can't wait for it to come out tomorrow. BTW, is it going to be available on Kindle?

Awesome Eric. Great to hear from you. I'd love to somehow make spiritual receptivity, social momentum, and context part of cp assessments. I haven't heard from B&H on the Kindle edition... will let you know if I do.

Same deal at Eric here. Love the concept, and the series of posts you've been doing based on Church in the Making. I lead a church planting network in Illinois and we're already recommending your book as reading to potential fact just recommended it yesterday over lunch with a planter. I'm also looking for a Kindle edition (and requested it on Amazon).

thanks Dale... I think if wonderful people like you keep asking for it, it'll happen.

Congrats on the book. Looking forward to reading it. Church planting books can be a bit stale. Your approach seems fresh.

BTW- Seth Godin just called and I think he is jealous at how well you worded the part where you talked about "when you're starting out, when you're growing, and when you're successful" :)

Good stuff there man.

hey, if you ever do that church planting make-over show, sign me up. the things i could tell you... :)

I'm anxiously awaiting for "Church in the Making". Pre-ordered mine from and hoping it ships soon.

And if your going to do a Kindle Edition...Put one on the iPad please. I'm anxiously awaiting to get mine as well. Thanks!

thanks Chris! An iPad book gets my vote too

Think I might prefer resentment to being dismissed.

Literally? This person said, "Who cares?"

You know, when you get dissed like that, it makes me feel just a bit better for getting attacks for pushing the envelope. Being a pioneer can be really lonely.

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