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This book had been on my reading list and now it definitely is ... good interview! Sarah, I received the magnet the other day - like the quote about change. Thanks!

But I have a question (think I was born saying why) why is it a surprise that men would like a woman's book, when women read and like many men's books?
With all due respect, I like Donald Miller's writing (his stuff on telling a story and living a good life has major influence on things I do or don't do) but because it's good and men like it - Donald Miller wrote it? Why?

Janet, I confess I cut out some of the interview. There's a larger number of people who have compared her to Anne Lammott. It was more about the flower on the front cover. =)

Hey Janet, it wasn't entirely surprising. But from my own experience, my brothers and husband tend to be the "man's man" type--they don't wear pink, they don't read books with flowers on them (unless their sister/wife who wrote them forces their hand). So I knew some men might shy away from a book that appears to be aimed at women. But really, I was NOT shocked that the message has universal appeal and significance. And was expecting to be compared to Lamott (she is an influence) but was surprised by the Donald Miller comparisons... (I think people compare me to him. The part about him writing it was a joke.)

Ben ... nice to hear her compared to Anne Lammott.
And congrats to you Sarah ... Lammott and Miller, two great people to be compared to. I planned to finish a couple other books I started before I allow myself to start yours, but I might be moving it to the top of the pile now :)
I reread my comment wondering if it sounded different than I meant it to - maybe I should have used some emoticons :) I wasn't complaining ... I often have questions concerning men/women and this triggered one.

No worries at all,Janet. I just wanted to explain. Some details get lost in our humor too. :)Thanks for the compliments and comments!

And I misspelled Lamott - I keep doing that to her.

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