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I agree—vibe is important. It seems different folks respond to different vibes—for instance somehow Nascar is the second most popular sport, but it has no appeal to me.

Do you base the vibe off the people who you anticipate coming? The vibe that you like best?

Thanks~ Mike

Ben check out this band Civil Twilight (or you might have actually already heard of them). really good stuff.

And yes, the vibe is very important.
Glad that you pay attention to this. Often seems to be something that is neglected.

mike, i think it's your own dna... the kind of environment you'd to project.

i'll check them out Kyle...

this is so true...there are definitely some places that have it and will check out shazam on my android for sure


Ben, what do you think of the vibe at Apple stores? On the one hand, lots of interested saleshelp, a techie visual appearance.

On the other hand, a hard concrete floor, stark colors, not much warmth.

To me a "mixed vibe"?

well it is simple. it'll be interesting to see if their vibe changes over time.

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