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Good. You took a risk and didn't take the pansy route so many other Christian leaders are taking. You have a lot of people who are cheering for you and looking forward to what you have to say. I hope to read it before I go to Franklin, TN for the conference Steve Fry is putting on.

well... if you took on Calvinism...
yeah, you're in trouble.

(although any Calvinist worth his salt knows where you stand if they've been reading the blurbs from your book hered) :)

Ben, As a reformed person I do not feel threatened that you took us on. We are use to it. :) Look forward to reading your book. Put fear aside and sleep well.

No wonder you can't sleep...

You mess with Calvinism, Calvinism is going to mess with you!

I'm really looking forward to reading the book!

So pumped. Coming out of the past year knee-deep in church planting, I am excited to see your observations and the application to the churches you profile.

you were just predestined to talk about it Ben...I can't wait to read it. And I just want to stare at the cover because it is so deep

I'm sure it's going to be unbelievably great, Ben. I, for one, can't wait to read it.

thanks for all the encouragement and threats! =)

I'm super glad that we have equated Calvinism to Chuck Norris. There is no better comparison haha.

But for real, I'm excited for this book. Probably not as excited as you are though haha.

Looking forward to the book. Few things are less interesting than pulled punches.

Based on some of the above comments, Calvinism sounds a lot more... muscular than I previously thought! =)

Don't worry too much about some of us Calvinists. I can't remember who I heard this from but they said theology is a man-made construct that ATTEMPTS to explain how God works.

That means even the most confident calvinist or armenian or whatever needs to have a good dose of humility every once in awhile, just to remind them that man made explanations of God's work are probably going to fall short & be imperfect somewhere. Yes, that includes calvinism too.

I'm excited to get my hands on a copy of the book. The stories here have really got me interested in it.

Rolling up on our 1 year birthday as a church plant and totally looking forward to it Ben!

I understand your concern. Your gut instinct and your passion created the book. Have faith in your creation and what will be will be.

On those sleepless nights, take the time to review my new book!

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