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A. Men.
In fact, I would say not only the greatest tragedy, but sin. We are created to create. I'm so convinced, I am writing a book about it! :)

"Creating is worth all of the potential consequences that come with it."

That's good stuff, Ben.

I utterly agree with you, although some people are not destined/don't know how/ are afraid/ etc to create. Correct me if I've been mistaken though I got the sense you're saying it is a duty to create, and while i couldn't agree with you more on a humanistic and ideal level, on a realistic practical level, it seems a tad difficult for everyone to live up to the task on a daily basis. I fall victim to 'not creating' sometimes because of routine contraints.

Create or die to regrets.

Proverbs 29:25 So often the fear of opinions from those within prevent us from unleashing what God has put into us for those without.

Bashar, from 30,000 feet, creating looks like art. From ground level, it's a to-do list.

great stuff!

So good, thanks!

Love this Ben, thanks for another great post! I become more convicted of this fact every day.

Love this Ben...I've always been inspired by Kevin Carrolls story about Nike letting him create his position "Katalyst"

What would be your suggestions to those who don't have the freedom to create but have the desire to?

Mason, what's your role?

Great post Ben! Preach it.

For two more days, a student minister who is doing odd jobs his last couple of days on staff. After that: middle school history, literature, and Bible teacher; a spiritual and leadership development staff guy (no-clue what the title would be, but my minstry in Korea will be to invest in staff members and ministry leaders); and a hopeful entrepreneur. All roles I will have ample oppertunity to create.

The reason I ask is it seems you can only take so much firehosing before your fire goes out in/for that specific orginization. I understand the difference of visions and needing to remove ones self if you can't buy in; but conform or quit can't be the only options?

"This is just my opinion; I could be wrong." - Dennis Miller Live!
It seems in the last year or so those who consider themselves "creatives" have become "whiners" on blogs and posts across he USA and some other countries. I believe that only God creates. Those of us here on planet earth have been created by God with gifts and talents as unique as we are individually. We are made in God's image, not as He is. Our job is to seek restoration of the relationship lost by our earthly father Adam, who disobeyed God and brought upon us all a heritage marred by a sinful nature. God in His holiness and love has provided a way to restore that reationship but it sounds too easy or to good to be true. If we believe that this relatonship can be restored as outlined in the Holy Bible, we must do whatever it takes to ispire others come to the same knowledge we have come to know as truth that is believable and acceptable. God has provided us with three teaching aids; the Bible, the still small voice of His Holy Spirit and our own lives, sin and all. Is your life too good to be true? Mine surely isn't. But each day I remember that God created ME and the more I realize how much He loves ME and the rest of His creation gone bad, the more I am inspired to do whatever I can, with His gifts and talents, to help others in any way they have need. The crazy thing is, the more I atttempt to meet the needs of others the more help I get from others; be it financial, emotional, spiritual or physical. Last year our Senior Pastor challenged us to try and out give God. To date I have failed miserably. I challenge all the "creative whiners" out there to the same challege. Here's to failure!

Dan, that's great stuff... thanks for putting your thoughts down here.

Mason, it sounds like you're relocating to more encouraging waters then?

Encouraging post. Thanks.

I am relocating, I was not in a position that was best for the church. I looked like I could fit, but when applied to the system I was a oval trying to fit in a circle's spot.

That coupled with a push from the Holy Spirit allowed me to approach my pastor and tell him I don't believe I'm the right guy for the position. He isn't excited to have me leave, but we are still friends and on good terms.

"from 30,000 feet, creating looks like art. From ground level, it's a to-do list."

That's brilliant.

Alright, alright ... I'll start working on the novel again. Quit nagging... lol

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