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Great story! Excited for the book.

side note: When you said "It was a case of ROLLING ROCKS." I thought, for a second, you were talking about beer. :) I need some more coffee.

I am slightly shocked you used the words "killing it"...

Please don't tell me "brought the heat" is next. :)

oh Daniel brings the heat =)

Loving the How They Got Started posts. Looking forward to reading the book. One question: how do these same principles apply to the multi-site movement? Is that addressed in the book?

Daniel most certainly brings the heat!!! Love my pastor!!!

I think the implications for multi-site churches are huge. They are essentially "momentum-based church plants." The only sticking point is contextualizing the campus. One of the guys at New Life in Centreville, Va told me they could effectively launch a campus to the south of their hub, and it would grow. But their campuses to the north always struggled. This is the "Deep Roots" part of the book - contextualizing vision and ministry approach

Been to Lifepoint about 6 times or so....Never felt as welcomed and wanted as I do when I walk through the doors there! Great stuff going on

What's your take on church planting movements like Neil Cole's micro churches? It seems large numbers are directing the "success" of the "getting started" posts. Yet these churches are less than 5 percent of churches nationwide. I'm not sure the huge numbers are necessarily good. Not that they are bad either but I just don't think it's a predictor of real life success as Christ deems it.

Even Steve Sjogren, who's planted huge churches, now says the better model is a network of churches running between 250-500 each week...I think this is a trend we're seeing more of on a grassroots level that's not getting the press that the mega church model is.

Understand, I'm not knocking your post..I think it's great you're highlighting some churches I've never heard of...Just wondering what you think about the other end of the spectrum.

Scott, these are just 4 posts out of what will be scores in this series, so you've gotta give me time. =) I have countless "break" stories to tell as well.

But great questions...

I'm not thinking so much about size with these concepts as momentum. Whether you're the pastor of a church of 70 that's not growing... or the pastor of a church of 500 that's not growing, it's an equally agonizing feeling.

In the book, I do talk about numbers in terms of organizational success. Too often, planters fail to see the sociological side of starting a church, assuming that it's purely a spiritual organism. (It's not)

But God has always laid his Gospel upon social movements. So we should be careful not to plant churches in uncultivated soil. And good seed planted in good soil... grows.

However a church grows - be it a megachurch, multi-site, church planting, etc - God's intention is that His church would grow.

Been involved in church planting for several years. Looking forward to more How They Started posts and to reading "Church in the Making"

Awesome post!! Love our church & Pastor Daniel!! :) Nice picture of him you got there. ;)

Thanks for the reply Ben. As I mentioned, I'm enjoying your posts..I have now for several years since I first found you looking for other church planters!

Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail is a great inspiration. Good luck w/your future endeavors.

Pastor Daniel, not only "kills it" AND "brings the heat", his charismatic delivery of the written word, makes his message "user friendly" and "real-life applicable". I never leave the service confused about the scripture or feeling that I have been "preached at".

The congregation is abundantly accepting and earnestly friendly. Until Lifepoint, I have not been a regular "church goer", as I often have qualms with the intentions and sincerity of various churches. I am overwhelmed and grateful for the grace and joy I experience, through Lifepoint. I was recently baptized there.

I have no doubt as to the continued success of Lifepoint. After all, when things are GOOD and TRUE, they tend to endure. Such is the case at Lifepoint!

My first visit to Life Point was Sunday, August 1st and it was amazing! loved the music, the service and the great welcome! I will be back!

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