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What a concept! I am sold now, after years of resistance, to learning from coaches who were not all-stars.

I resisted learning from planters and pastors who did not plant or lead "amazing' churches. Now i know better.

It makes sense- I was an all-conference football player in high school and consumed the game- but never played in college. Yet, now that I coach football I tend to smoke the coaches who played in college. Why? I had to learn because I had no natural talent.

very insightful

Hence, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky.

Although there are exceptions--Brett Favre is known as a great coach-player--what you wrote certainly seems to be the norm.

Is that sort of like, "those who can't do, teach?" LoL. Sorry, it just made me think of that. Great post.

From the coach,
--Terrace Crawford

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