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What's a good/reasonable 8mm camera? It would be really cool to shoot some footage with one.

the cameras are affordable; it's the film processing that'll get you. $100 for about 15 minutes

Wow. That is a chunk of change. The footage has that timeless feel though. I guess you get what you pay for.

Dumb question... but how do you digitize it?

i buy film direct from kodak in los angeles, shoot it, ship it to seattle for processing, and then it gets sent to Norcross, GA for transfer... and then delivered to me on a hard drive or miniDV cartridge.


but it's the only way.

and i like it. =)

Got it - love that, and helpful thanks! Anthony and I fell in love, (in small part), over our mutual affection for old-school machinery and processes... When we met he was using a type-writer and old Polaroid camera regularly and I was using a record player, lots of old vinyl, and a film SLR from the 80's. Maybe 8mm is the way forward for our family...

i do remember that about Anthony. He was shooting with fish-eye lenses before anyone else. =)

Analog! My friend John tours quite a bit and shoots nothing but analog Leica. When you look at his photo pages, it's unmistakably the real deal, even though it's been digitally scanned.

Like an analog signal path in audio recording, there's a rich musical quality that digits fail to capture.

great artist, your friend

Out of all the visuals at Story, this footage stuck with me the most. It made me think of my family growing up; my past. But it also pointed me to the future as my family is just starting. So excited for all the stories and memories we are about to make.

Live a great story! Make a difference.

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