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Quick: Any plans to have them for WIBO? Not saying that would *necessarily* tip the scales to getting me there, but ...

bryan thats a great idea

Ben just got a message from Steve Jobs that reads: "There, I did it. Now will you stop emailing me five times a day?"


Love it, but my wife and friends keep making fun of the name.
They say it sounds like an expensive feminine product.
Why not MacPad? In between Macbook and iPod?
Ben if you could pass that on to Mr. Jobs for me please.

Like it but .... a little disappointed. It just seems like a bigger iphone or touch ipod that you can't make calls on :) I know, I know, I just do not get it.

Ken, you're not alone...

Loved it at first - reality distortion field in full effect. Doing some reading though and wondering of the next gen will have some key additions: multi tasking, usb and card reader?

not a big deal perhaps?

either way, form factor is off the charts amazing and the book reader alone makes the kindle seem clunky. no one does design like apple

I never bought a kindle in anticipation of this, so inadequacies aside I'll probably still get it

I don't trust Apple anymore. There are too many things missing from this iPad. They are playing games to make us buy version 1 and 2 - 9 months from now. And oh yeah. It'll be $200 cheaper with more features if history repeats itself.

i got slightly burned by the first generation iphone, but like a moth to flame...

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