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Good thoughts Ben. The ironic thing is that others judge whether we're "good enough" purely on their own subjective definition, usually reflected in their strengths & talents. If we don't measure up to that, we're failures. The only problem is that God uniquely designs us for the unique calling He's given us.

Love this post, Ben.

As usual, great post, Ben, and great timing for where I happen to be running at the moment...

Awesome. Totally hit home.
-Jesse s.

Moving post. I love video too...check out minute 1:47...and watch the move that Mine That Bird's jockey makes to go to the rail.

GREAT post!

I remember specifically watching that happen. I live in Louisville, KY where race was won.

I'm not a race horse follower, so often I don't even watch the Derby, even though it's one of the biggest city events of the year around here. I'm glad I watched that one though. It was insane.

But having said all that, it's even more amazing when a person does something like that in the church.

-Marshall Jones Jr.

Very encouraging. Just watched the video twice - needed that today!

Matt B's comment above nails it. I have to say though... for me... I've taken many of the naysayers "you can't do that," "you'll never make it" statements as fuel rather than as a beat down. I love to be the underdog and prove "the man" wrong.

Very interesting thought. In fact, I feel so in need of good, intentional leadership that I'm tempted to do a reverse-mentorship ask and take applications of people who would be willing to mentor me! Kind of a reverse Michael Hyatt thing:

I love this. Been thinking about it a lot. Appreciate it.

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