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I have been learning this greatly when looking into the cause of mentoring.
The biggest problem with mentoring is that everyone hears something else when you tap out the song. People have so many different definitions of mentoring that it becomes a con-jumbled mess and people just pull back instead of lean into.

I am working on not just tapping the pencil but singing along and getting others to sing as well. Making it very clear is difficult, but needed.

I've found this to be true when I'm trying to push a communications initiative. They always go better when some of the people around the table have helped me develop it first. There is nothing like bringing people in on the ground level - collaboration is key for me.

I'm all about the beta, baby!

I guess that's why stories are so great.

great post.

reminds me that as a preacher, my job isn't so much to feed people as it is to help them feel hungry.

Oh yeah. Conveying the vision is the hardest part, right behind getting a vision for yourself!

That is so true! Telling the story is such a great method of communicating the vision.

It looks like the film degree is the MBA of the 21'st century.

Dude! Love it! The truth is too few people try to find ways to make the song appear. When it does, that's when you see life change and passion grab hold... I couldn't help but go into this more in my blog so I'll save you. But it'll be up in the a.m... ;) Love your stuff Ben! When you gunna make your way up to Lifepoint in Fredericksburg? Gotta get ya up here sometime!

Hey! You talking to me? Great post!

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