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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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I'd like to think I'm a teacher and conversationalist. Teachers post all those how-to articles and conversationalists post a ton of questions for readers to answer in the comments.

Sorry, I couldn't think of any really funny ones. That just leaves more for everyone else to post, right?

-Marshall Jones Jr.

I'm probably an aggregator the most. I think another category is the specialist - the one who blogs mostly about their greatest strength or skill as it relates to their industry.

The Copy-Cat Blogger
Your blog is a direct representation of everyone else blog that you like (funny thing is I can find myself doing this at times)

The grandma/former teacher/still loving life, our husbands, and God blog. That's your mom and me. And we like to boast about our kids and grandkids too.

I love all your outside-the-box ideas, especially the one about prechurch. I know a lot of people right in my own family who need something like that

I'm an invisible blogger :)

The guy with a thousand topics that he jumps amongst without warning, purpose, or direction, and thus causes all potential readers to say, "Ah, nothing there for me."

I know. I need to consolidate. But I LIKE all those different things.

How about the emotional blogger. My blog posts always seem to be about feelings and emotions!! They are probably way over the top and always a little sappy. I've found I just bare my heart and soul on every topic imaginal...but the only people that read are my mom and my husband! ;) So maybe that's okay!!

Ben you're've managed to blog the quintessential post to best demonstrate your "blogger type" or as I would call it your style...& we've taken the bait yet again...job well done...kudos to you...

I'm sure you could come up with a clever name for a guy like me who blogs consistently every day for like a week then ends up being once a month.

I [when I do blog] am a hobbyist :)

I wish I could say that I was only one of those you listed becuase I now feel like I have a multi-blogger disorder!

love it!

i think of myself as a part of the "Drunken Blogger" category where you just say stuff and you have really no idea what youre talking about. also known as the "Dancing on Table Tops" blogger or "Foot in Mouth" blogger.

Inspired by something I read recently I think I am a 'Follow you nose blogger'.

I stand charged of being mostly all of the above and have been found guilty.

Oh well:)


My blog is primarily a personal journal. Being public keeps me honest. Secondarily, it's an ongoing study on the intersection of technology and religion. I also aggregate topics of personal interest.

Put that all together, and you have a blog with 3 readers, counting my wife.

that makes me want to read your blog John

The "In the Ground" Blogger

The blogger who has a blog but seems to have taken a quick trip to the grave because he or she only got up 2 posts before quitting.

Brilliant and makes me want to quit bloggin...ok kinda.

A couple other categories:
1. Skitzo-blogger. Someone who blogs with complete disregard for the realities of culture or his/her audience.

2. Split-Personality Blogger. Someone who turns into another person when they sit in front of a computer to blog.

I only thought of these because I read everybody's blog with a grain of salt because it's easy to sit down in front of a computer and rattle off the "should do's & don'ts" of life, leadership, and ministry but it's another thing to see them in practice.

I secretly wonder how many people's organizations actually look like what they write about. I ask myself that every time I write anything about my org. (Now i'm rambling...that should be another category...I'd fit nicely into it. "The Rambling Blogger")

DC i love your honesty. and I think you're right. Blogging is a PR machine. i can see how God has used it to bless me in many ways though, so i don't curse it entirely. =)

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