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From reading a few thoughts by Seth Godin and my own observations, I have come to the following conclusion. Publishers view ebook readers as a threat, not an opportunity. Which means its time for someone to begin publishing/offering/creating content for a better reader. I agree, Kindle is more of the same, just digital. I get weary reading digital text. Often I print important docs to make sure I'm not missing something.

I get what you're saying, and I whole-heartedly agree, but only up to a certain point.

I'm a Kindle owner and avid book reader. I love media and I love seeing innovation and the innovation and blending of technologies to push us to the next level.

However, there are some of us out here who just want to pick up a book/eReader that offers nothing more than words on the page. It is only then that my imagination comes completely alive. When multi-media is involved, that part of my imagination shuts down because the work is being done for me. The world in my mind is a little less interesting when that happens.

I'm excited to see what further generations of eReaders bring us, but I'll always default back to simple words on a page.

you sound like the kind gentleman i met in a starbucks who talked about how he didn't need the new fangled interweb... =)

i think our kids will read differently than we do.

I think the appeal of the Kindle is that it IS like a book.

Exactly what I'm thinking Ben...great post!

I'm holding out to buy a multi-media e-book reader, not just a electronic newspaper, magazine, and book reader.

two words: mac tablet

It's coming. Check out what TIME and the Wonderfactory are working on for 2010.

I love my Kindle because of the instant delivery of content. Sure the content is simple but maybe that's why it works great my Kindle, iPhone, and PC.

You can't turn a ship too fast. The consequences can be disastrous...

Ben I would say it comes down to cost. The cost of creating something fantastic and imaginative is just too damn expensive.

Oh you naysayers.

The cost of creating something fantastic (particularly compared to what we're getting on the kindle right now) is so tiny.

The problem is, small media companies are usually excellent at one form of media or another. Video production houses generally can't do copy very well.

Creating a genuine multimedia experience requires lots of different talents. But soon...mac tablet...yea.

Thanks for the post.

While I agree that the Kindle (or any other ebook reader) should be more advanced...the benefit of the e-ink screen (and ebook readers) is not the multimedia capabiilty but the ability to carry many books for a fraction of the weight and cost.

I got a kindle because I read a lot. I don't want it to do much more. It's way easier on the eyes than a computer screen..and inevitably that's where everything would go to allow more mixed media.

Like Mark mentioned above... it's coming. See the tablet here ->


This looks like something worthwhile to move us on from where we are


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