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me too

Yea, me too! I had a blog during those days, gave it up because those days were gone, and then gave up again and joined the "new day" of blogging. I'm not making money, a celebrity yet, or learned not to burn bridges, but for the rest of the new day of bloggging...I'm in.

Great post to make me think.

dang wish you had some color here....j/k ;)

yeah I was thinking about this...where and when did it all go south...

wonder if we can bring those days back

Here's to not being a celebrity, having no advertising, writing what I want to write without losing or making money for it, and being able to say negative things as there are no flammable bridges.

It may not be glamorous.

But it works.

Great post Ben!

Nice! Retro post...

I agree with the idea of simplicity, raw ideas and just being real regardless if it creates tension or not... but I think the idea of blog celebrities, etc just happens as a byproduct of great content. Sure, there are people who game the system to inflate their traffic, etc but at the end of the day, great content still wins.

And remember when hamburgers cost a nickel.

yea, some bloggers have truly lost steam. a few of my favorite reads haven't posted in over a month!

thankfully, here at, i can still get my daily dose.

--Terrace Crawford

My blog is obviously still v 1.0. Dated but honest :-)

Haven't felt compelled to switch to a spiffy Wordpress design yet. Sometimes I feel guilty about that and sometimes I'm proud of it.

You missed one off...

The days of when you would allow negative comments on your blog!

I remember those days. I had a blog then.

Well, if that's the way you feel, then why don't you--

Oh, I see what you did there!

I feel like I'm still, I put ads on my blog when I first started, but I make nothing off of it...don't even realize they're there.


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