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Absolutely I agree with this post. The danger comes in when Sprite starts making fun of Coke...for being Coke.

There's nothing wrong with being Coke, as long as you know you're Coke and you're targeting Coke-drinkers. And Sprite shouldn't mock that for the pleasure of the Sprite-drinkers.

That analogy goes far. Almost too far.

But pepsi is so much better Ben!! I'd gladly be Pepsi! LOL!!

pepsi and coke may look the same to the casual on-looker, or even the person who simply watches. but for the person who imbibes, there are many beautiful nuances which make it impossible for a pepsi drinker to like coke, and vice versa.

I think about this every time I drive down a street with three churches on one side and a church on the other side. Nothing like seeing 4 churches separated by a half a mile.
Its almost like the starbucks or wal-mart mentality. Plant a church in an area that looks good and take over all the over churches that are in that area. Doesn't make much sense.

How many churches today have started from an individuals hurt or inability to follow authority? Sometimes the reason for starting a "new brand" is revenge or pride?

Absolutely... The same but different. The same team playing for the same ultimate goal... with the same Truth but delivered in a different way...
Reaching the unreachable... Effecting/affecting an everchanging culture with the everlasting Truth.

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