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I agree Ben, but is scares me to death for leaders. I would argue that is a cheap source of fuel, a steroid if you will, that serves you well for 10-15 years...then if fails most and destroys most.

An implosion is coming for that leader. His motivation from 20 to 35 or so will be his undoing for many as they enter the next season.

Not only is it dangerous, at the end of the day, it's narcissistic. It can't not be. If your leadership is about you, and your motivation is the pain of your family of origin, to prove your Dad wrong, whatever...substitute whatever wound....and your entire paradigm is then about YOU and not God and His name, fame and glory.

Same is true of US Presidents if you look at their histories, relationships with Fathers, etc

A great book every pastor should read on this subject is "Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership" by Gary McIntosh.

such good words. and i agree... so dangerous. Thanks John.

And I've always wanted to read that book Michael.

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