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Beautiful and true. Can't wait!!

I have been looking forward to Story since you first posted about it. Set a goal to improve my communication this year, and this event has our team jacked up.

Also, this post is spot on.

Sooo excited and I don't even get to be there! Packing hubby up to head out tomorrow afternoon. Praying for a refreshing time for everyone involved, including the pastor in the front row.

We're worship leaders, so we'll be doing our part in the back there somewhere! : ) This is a beautiful description.

I love your heart, Ben, and am thrilled that you are willing to lead by example.

I also believe that if people fall victim to the presence of God it will be in spite of us in the front row, not because of us.

I can't wait.

Enjoy every moment Ben.

Praying that God's presence is very real to all of you throughout Story. Blessings!

Ben, We came Wednesday. Awesome, very awesome. You pulled me into the setting before I even got into the auditorium. I was blown away to tears by God's presence in the first worship session. Way to go! And Thanks for the whole experience.

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