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I like these photos...I might try to incorporate some of these looks. we started last year our annual Christmas event called 'Christmas under the Stars'. which is our outdoor Christmas Eve service.

The school we meet at has this sweet little outdoor amphitheater...last year went really well. excited about doing it again in a couple months.

ben, can you shoot me some more ideas on this, we are brainstorming some ideas for our christmas eve service...however it is at will be a little dark in oklahoma by then but not heavy dark. Candle lights to the entry? lights on the building?

any ideas would help.

casey can we xchange emails in nov?

This is a great post Ben! Lighting defines environments. Love the images featured...they take you to a place of persuasion.

You're telling me!!!
Trying to get more projected visuals out there too -


Outdoor lights/Anthropologie is what we're being inspired by this year! You'd heart it.

i love anthropologie

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