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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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a number of "cloud" names - referenced from the book of numbers and the israelite's "hear and respond" movements based on the cloud (numbers 9:15-23).

fairly fitting for your journey.

I've got 1 (two if you count the .net version) that I'm hoping to be launching in 2010. Nothing that would cause me to quit my job and move (yet) :) but still a dream!

A site that shares the stories of those who have been through ministry, are in it now, and those daring to dream.

Rookie mistakes, veteran voices, the stories that inspire us to continue walking that direction, the challenges that have pushed us to the edge, and what has kept us there.

We can learn from those ahead of us, inspire those behind us, and connect with those next to us.

Two dreams:
hopecrawfordsville - a place for the church to serve the community through Biblical discipliship, mentoring, education, job skills, home management skills, life skills, recovery, and worship. Not just a community center and not a mission or parachurch organization but a place for the church to be the church to a dying and hungry community.

refreshrenewrevive - a retreat center for ministers, particularly for those in small churches that cannot afford vacations or conferences or retreat times otherwise. A place to bring in leaders and speakers to help renew and refresh the spirits of the workers on the front line of ministry.

Well, I have some that all have to do with the Church in Baltimore, and one with children's ministry leaders. Unfortunately they all need more time and effort:

One doesn't have anything and the other 3 have WordPress installations that are in development.

You would be correct in saying it's a window to my dreams. The windows just aren't very pretty right now :)

i love it! I've noticed it's really difficult for people to name their dreams, so thanks for taking a big step.

Pat, you still need to reveal 'em bro. =)

well i'm hoping to raise some funds to go out to the "Summit" in Peru with Joel Malm and Mark Batterson. So in hopes to make an effort to go I have in my heart:
The Peru Project-
I hope it comes about! look for it 2010

after growing sick of the typical portfolio URL, www.(your name here).com, I got creative and lucky. Lucky by having a name that is also doubles as a domain.
So, I am now in the process of creating my portfolio website under the name I GO BY TK. or
HOPE to go live within the month!

Are you getting commissions from Godaddy for domain registrations referrals ;-)

whew! So, I'm not a total money wasting wierdo after all!

I'm at 89.

I'm using what I've got.

Are you going to name any of yours?

:) I've owned and .com for years. (actually I let it expire once and then picked it back up!) Next year we hope to launch an outlet for it.

We've already got over 200 students signed up for an event this year that will launch next year under our new name - where we plan to expand into several different events. It's not a 'full-time' thing, but it will be a dream come true.

just a bit past the dream-stage, but it really is just-a-bit.


It's all in the name. Basically we are going to tell people's STORY and design a tee that will raise money to remedy "the need" of their story. Thus affecting "one" person's entire life and ultimately bringing Him all the GLORY...

It's exciting isn't it!!! Ooooh my heart is beating faster!

Great question! Thanks for asking.

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