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I agree...I find myself reaching for novels more and more lately. There are some that I've read over and over just because of the beauty of the story or character development.

Harry Potter changed the face of children/young adult literature (ok, and adult) because of how truly awesome the story was. Rowling can tell a story!

We should be able to do better.

Absolutely. Nothing wrong with leadership stuff, but inspiration is found in stories. Sometimes in exotic places the author has never been to -- he or she just made it up! As one of my lyric writing teachers always said, "Don't let the facts get in the way of the truth."

you are on to something, Ben. you should do a conference about story-telling. Oh wait...

you know, it's hard to fight the misconception in year 1, but Story is not actually about storytelling. It's totally about becoming a more effective communicator.

Story is simply a metaphor at the event.

But i did blog this as an indirect way to say that I'm going to start writing fiction

I totally agree. I think our obsession with leadership misses so much of what Christianity is really about. The story of the Bible is a story, not a strategy guide!

Great observation Ben. I think people are looking for escape in novels. I remember reading Frank Peretti and the Left Behind series with great fervor. Right now I am reading one of the Redwall novels by Brian Jacques. Christian fiction novels seem hokey to me and lack the depth that some of the writers you mentioned had.

I think Tolkien and Lewis had the depth because they met consistently about their writings to make them the best they could.

The Shack came out and instead of embracing a very clever novel, it was attacked for theological disodence. Oh brother! Good stuff Ben, you are a genius, haha.

It's funny you touched on this. My wife and I both LOVE to read. Except what we read differs radically!

I like to read non-fiction. The Erwin McManus/Seth Godin/Rob Bell type stuff.

My wife LOVES fiction! She's a HUGE Ted Dekker fan, and has recently started reading Randy Singer.

Christian fiction authors are out there, you might have to dig a little more though.

i do think i'm going to try and avoid the christian fiction genre tho

I will be the one to say it... I just envisioned Ben doing a Timberlake SNL skit. "I'm bringing Fiction back...yeah... them non-fiction write-a's don't know how to act... yeah... I think it's special to bring the story back... yeah..."

I digress.

I honestly can't thank Tolkien, Lewis, Chesterton enough for what they contributed to my Christianity. I soaked them up like a sponge for three years. Lewis' The Great Divorce is THE BEST BOOK I have ever read. It is my #1 all time favorite book and I read a book a week. I think it should be mandatory reading for every Believer.
Narnia, Middle Earth, and all the deep stuff from Chesterton in Orthodoxy, all took me from a funky messed up fundamentalist state of mind into a clear, wonderful view of the Greatest Story Teller ever-Jesus.

As a side note, one of the best Tolkien books, that was just released by his family a couple years ago, is the Children of Hurin. It's Tolkien at his finest and an amazing story of the damage that can be done by unforgivness and making bad choices, that seem just, while in raged. You should check it out.

Can't wait for Story. I am a total geek I guess cuz I seriously almost cried when I purchased my air fare. I DONT do Conferences, ever, no lie and I am so stinkin excited about this one!!

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