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Dude, great thoughts. I'm right there in the exhorter category. As someone in that type of communicator category, it can be easy to slip into laziness sometimes. The end result comes quickly which means it's easy to skip or skimp on the study process.


This is a good list, but I'm a little stuck on one point.

Can you unpack why anyone would "hate" to pastor the Bereans? We don't know much about them other than that they are commended for their actions...

David, you must be a teacher because you just "Bereaned" me. =)

But to address your point. In that passage, I'm no so sure I see commendation there. I'm not saying their approach to questioning the teaching was wrong. But more than anything, I see a "type" of personality or culture expressed here.

I believe strongly that most churches are "gift colonies" of teachers... or mercy givers... or prayer warriors... or... you name it.

There are some churches that have teaching built into the DNA, so that most others who attend are either gifted to teach or have a detail-oriented disposition. There are some amazing "teaching churches" that I can hardly tolerate because I am not a detail-oriented person when it comes to my faith. It does nothing for me.

You can read more about this in Gene Mims' book "Seven Churches Not in the Book of Revelation."

Or I touch on it in my book coming out in April 2010

This really touched me especially

Sees effectiveness as moving people to action with the Bible

thanks Ben,

based on your lists here, I'd probably score 60% exhorter...

but the Berean thing makes me uncomfortable, because it feels like you're saying the exhorter hates being asked to explain himself...?

and I think Luke's description of the Jews in Berea as "more noble" could probably be read as a commendation?

That said, it's an interesting list that I'm chewing on for a bit. I wonder if maybe you're really hitting on two different kinds of teachers? which might raise the question, "Should the 'exhorter' be teaching from the pulpit or in other contexts?"

Love not knowing exactly what I'll say at times. It's then that God can fill in the blanks with fresh ideas.

I'd say I fall in the Exhorter category. As I read your list of characteristics I thought "Yes, that's what I'm trying to accomplish." Thanks for the post.

Planning to be in Chicago for Story in October (sleeping on a buddies floor to make it happen...gotta love church planting). Also I love that you included Nancy Beach's book "Gifted to Lead" in the promo kit for Story!

David, i think i can make a pretty strong case that New Testament churches congregated around affinity, personality preferences, culture, spiritual gifts, etc. Just like today. I don't think it takes away from their nobility to dislike their approach to faith. I've been to lots of Gospel-centered, noble church services that I could hardly tolerate.

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