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Brilliant. I need to do every one of these things.

awesome post ben. and #8 - i almost fell out of my chair laughing after reading that one!!

This was really helpful and creative. Thanks! I like the animal one - don't want to be shot.

Well said. I especially love #8. Brilliant.

good - scary but good!

My husband always asks me how he did after preaching. I start out with the good so that if there is negative, he can receive it easier. And then I follow it up with good.

I like to call it my "compliment sandwich" :)

These are great and very hard to do. Much appreciated.

that's a good word Cindy.

This can almost include worship pastors/leaders too, with a couple adjustments:

#3. Get rid of the Tomlin-esque "worship leader whisper."

#4. Haven't read the book. But a confident stance and attitude could help (especially when leading men).

#5. Quit listening to your favorite worship leader, trying to borrow his convictions. Yes, I'm talking to you, David Crowder lover.

#6. Not sure how to adjust this one but you still can't say "breezy."

#10. Not sure if STORY is the best place to equip worship leaders but there are many conferences that can. SIGN UP!

#8 is hilarious! still wondering what animal i might be...does electrocution or chopping the animals head off count the same as shooting? cuz i think i might be a cow or a chicken. :)

mike you are definitely not the chicken.=)

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