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We have three regular communicators within our year and a half year old church plant, good stuff.

I've asked myself this in light of seeing various pastors talk about beginning sermon/series prep 1-3 months in advance. My mother is a teacher, so she has to speak between 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week, yet she has her lessons planned one month in advance (sometimes longer). Makes me wonder, if my mother can be prepared to teach 20-30 hours worth of material weeks in advance and pastors like Andy Stanley and Mark Driscoll are prepared weeks in advance, why do some pastors still wait until the week of? The only exception I can think is pastors who hold another job in addition to pastoring, but I know several full time pastors who don't begin sermon prep until a few days before they have to give that sermon, and then they complain about not having time to fully "flesh ideas out".

That's one value in the multiple teacher venue like we do.

Would pastors use the extra week? Maybe some.

@ our church, we have two communicators, but it always gets pushed to the last week, strategic mistakes I suppose.

I wonder what it would be like if more people treated their messages like Andy Stanley talks about on "Communicate for a Change." No outlines. Just maps. Instead of making the message informational (outline), make it directional (map) where it leads people to create movement towards a destination.

Great idea! I'd love that arrangement!

Team teaching and trusting others goes a long way in provding that kind of time.

Parkinson's Law: Work will fill the allotted time.

Good time mgrs probably don't need the extra time. Poor time mgrs wouldn't use the extra time wisely.

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