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Love it, Ben - particularly Seth Godin's contribution at the end. Kaleo's been doing a Results Only Work Environment with our staff since the beginning - started mostly out of necessity (no money for office space), but has continued on and our folks love it. Having the flexibility to go with your wife to prenatal appointments, spend an afternoon with your kids, work at 2am it it suits you - it's been really great...

Has it been a culture shock again moving from office hours at Catalyst back to self-directed work at home?

So very true! Even in a setting like I am in, (the ivory tower of accademia), it is true that those who put these ideas into practice will succeed. True in spite of the system that doesn't appear to award such behavior.

After 7 years of church planting, I think it was more of a culture shock to work at Catalyst. And I didn't work there long enough to re-acclimate. Even after one year of seminary on-campus, I finished the remaining two years through an external program. So I'm back in my sweet spot.

Great post, Ben! I hope I can transition to this work style in the future.

Read this the other day Ben. Love it!

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