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Yeah, too bad these guys didn't work together. What would the world look like if Whitefield brought them to Christ and Wesley brought them up through missional community? What wasn't done then CAN be done now!

Wow, time is running out!! Though I love preaching - Id rather see the vision carried out... "to equip the body to do the work of the ministry". Time is running out. Thanks for the thought Ben.

Clearly we should do the Wesley thing. Rabbits not elephants.

thanks ben! i wish we'd get 1 isn't greater than the other. but it's about finding our niche and having the discipline to hone in on it. wesley wasn't lacking because he didn't do what whitefield did and vice versa. but great conversation starter nonetheless.

Hey Perrin I was very careful not to say that one was greater than the other. Just telling a story here =)


a good story finds its feet in the details. a bad story may make it's point but if it gets the details wrong, its still a bad story.

the story of whitfeield and wesley is not about their methodology, it's about their theology.

what they believed about God and salvation was absolutely the center of their methodology as well as their relationship with each other.

...and i know a lot of reformed brothers who would take offense at the implication that whitefield's ministry didn't last beyond his death.

Ben, this is a false dichotomy where you are pitting the legacies of these 2 preachers. I think that you were favoring Wesley, given the way you phrased your post. As an FYI, Wesley's denomination, Methodists, have gone pretty liberal on some current issues so I can imagine Wesley turning over in his grave...just my 2 cents.

On his deathbed, Whitfield said Wesley had been wiser than him, and that trying to grasp Whitfield's followers was like "trying to hold a rope of sand."

Ben's not painting a false dichotomy, just illuminating one the men themselves recognized.

Again, just telling a story. But oh snap, Clayton.

I'm reformed, but I don't think their theology was the deciding factor in their methodology. Both were methodological pioneers, on the cutting edge. They were, dare I say, emerging from a previous way of doing church. They were both doing what they thought best at the time, and wisdom was proven right by her children.

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