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Have you taken a look at the book "Made to Stick" by Chip and Dan Heath? There's a part in there that talks about a newspaper editor named Hoover Adams. His newspaper's penetration in the market is 112%, the highest in the US. His philosophy for his newspaper is simple: "Names, names, names."

It seems this same idea had an effect on your geographic presentation.

wow,that's awesome. i'm putting it in the budget for next yr.

Do you have a copy of the video? Great idea! I'm sure there are plenty out there that would love to see it.

Of the map video? Trust me - 3000 names without the techno background music is pretty snooze. :)

Ben! I ran (almost literally) into my college roommate (who I hadn't seen since my wedding 14 years ago!) Good times ... unexpected.

Ben - so funny - catching up finally after Catalyst West - this is the name of our youth pastor at Agoura Bible Fellowship who I went to Catalyst West with - too funny!

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