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That's awesome.

Oh bEn you are hurting me, one of my good friends is the student pastor there, he may lead 20 or more of those 162! HA! That is a funny sign.

Ben, that church is in my back yard..and when I see those signs every day..I think the exact same thing.

Imagine if they put all of that energy into one ministry. Imagine the impact they could have.

I love it. Afraid to start counting ministries around here. Pretty sure we won't make it to 162 but it will still be pretty high.

We're stuck in this tension at the moment of wanting to establish an "intentional discipleship pathway" without becomming busy. Busyness is a problem.

Really made me chuckle.

I pass by one of these signs everyday and I get a headache thinking about 162 ministries. When I took over our church a year ago I got a headache thinking about 10 ministries...and then I found simple church...FREEDOM!!!

Literal LOL!


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