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Hey Ben,

Well done. My team had a great time. I just posted some of my own thoughts too... even though I'm still digesting 95% of what I heard and saw.

Speaking of what I saw- nice cartwheel on Friday night! Mike Foster was showing me the green room and I caught you showing off for the crew as they prepared for the opener.

Ben, you and Brad have put together an amazing team, and if the Catalyst West Coast experience bears any resemblance to the Catalyst in Atlanta, you all sure know how to put it over the top and raise the roof!

That intro is amazing. Who put it together??

Thanks for all the effort that was put into Catalyst West. Our team has been to both the "East" and the "West" now, and we love the experience and the content at both.


It was great getting to meet you. Cat. West was great, and I appreciate the insight from you during the quick time we talked together.

J Parker

Ryan I was showing one of the gymnasts how to do a back handspring which isn't bad for someone who doesn't know how to do a back handspring :)

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