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Great observation. Do you think that the setting automatically casts a "martyr" reflection on Deepak Chopra in the eyes of non-Christians?

I thought the same thing when I was watching it. Well, not about Ravi, but about the crowd.
I once heard of a debate where one person won and the other acted like a Christian. Unfortunately, it was the muslim that acted more like a Christian.

certainly doesn't bend hearts toward Jesus. after history has taught us that truth is preserved by persecution - ghandi, mlk, jim elliott, jesus - it's interesting to see us not only despise martyrdom, but hire armed guards to combat it

"Humility is a living apologetic."
good word ben.

As far as I understand, Nightline was in charge of selecting the crowd. Their goal was to get a balance of viewpoints there to watch the debate.

That still doesn't mean that arrogant behavior on the part of Christians is appropriate.

I thought about this also. I like your thoughts Ben.

I watched the program too. I think terms like "arrogant behavior" may be a little judgemental. I heard some stirs of approval when Chopra and Pearson made a point. Let's give the crowd a little more wiggle room with grace. Our faith is not just meant for stoics or vulcans. It works for the fist pumping, yah baby, go Jesus people too. What some call arrogance and pride, someone else may call passion. As always, Ben's blog stimulates our thinking, and that is a good thing. YEAH BEN!!!GO MAN!! YOU ROCK! JESUS RULES! (fist pumpin and chest bumpin as I write this, ;>))

Nightline set up the debate, selected the location, and oversaw the crowd (which from my understanding from folks who were there, was a pretty mixed group). It wasn't as if the debate took place during a Mars Hill service - just in their building.

I was at the debate. It definitely leaned more Christian than not but there was applause really when anyone made a good point, whether it was Mark or Deepak or Annie or Carlton. Nightline was in charge of the guestlist. They gave about half the spots to Mars Hill.

Thanks for the clarification Dustin

I was impressed with the way Mark handled himself. Poised and mostly non confrontational but yet very confident and assertive. I was quite surprised by Deepak's aggressiveness in many of his responses. As for the Carlton guy... what's up with that? How can you say you are a Christian minister and believe in Christ yet make the statements he made? Talk about picking and choosing what you want to call truth from the Bible. Not sure I understand that.

Last... I was sad at how one lady in the audience reacted rather than responded at the end. She was a Christian but she responded emotionally charged. Her intent was good but I think she perpetuated the stereotype.

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