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Great thought. Even as a blogger I see how we can platform for others (by linking, spotlighting through posts, guest bloggers, etc).

--Terrace Crawford

Hey Ben, I've always thought the very best leaders have risen up from being great followers. And you're right, I don't see too many books written of "21 Irrefutable Laws of Followership." Maybe that's a purple cow waiting to be milked ;) Again, love your input to all of us Ben.

Agreed and a great thought! --Anna

this is right in line with our incubating influence conversation we shared. i am unpacking that more and more. i share it often. great post bro.

Love Will's response. Very true. I've found creating platforms for others is not a bad gig as it can also create a framework for a solid future platform of your own. I think of it like DRAFTING in car racing. You ride close to the leader until you are ready to break out in the turn.

For me, it's not as much about advancing my platform anyways but the cause that the platform supports.

i hosted a table a conservative evangelical regional conference this week. it was fun challenging them and then afterward people trying to find out what that platform would look like. i love their stone-cold committment to scripture, but they needed someone to come alongside and help them build.

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