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I agree but in the defense of the right hand person who may not appear so nice, most people doing the "big ask" don't want to take "no" from the right hand person. They want to go around, bypass, etc and go direct to the HPL. Going direct to HPL makes it harder for said HPL to say no directly.

I think, as a result, the right hand person can tend to come across a little rude at times when maybe they aren't really intending to.

I was a right hand the other day for an HPL. The person on the other end just would not take my NO as the answer, no matter how gracious I delivered it. They tried to bypass. Eventually I had to be stern (which they probably took as rude).

"You can say no and be absolutely gracious about it."
kinda like God, no?

Seth had a good post about being told no and being gracious about it too:

I'm glad I have blog friends with names like "ozzybeef" convert this blog to a tweet:

"The RHM's job is to say NO to WIFs on behalf of the HPL and be NICE while doing it."

Got it! Thanks, BA! -KK :)

p.s. That's only 83 characters - plenty of room leftover for a link!

great post, Ben. thanks for your the way you challenge the thoughts and actions of leaders.....

Kraig please tell me your middle name is not Kurtis

Good news: my middle name is not Kurtis. -Or any other name that starts with a K.

I serve as the right hand man to my pastor and assistant pastor. Please elaborate on what you asked and how you were turned down. I would really appreciate it. This is an area I could improve on.

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