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Please come explain this to my superiors in the corporate world.



Awesome. I'm sharing this with our team today.

Love this post. Our Church so often talks about "shared leadership" as sharing the workload or sharing the burden, and talks about Jethro telling Moses that he needs elders to help him or he's going to get burnt. What we forget is that Moses was the vision and big picture guy and the elders handled their pieces. I'm all for shared leadership and teams, but there's always someone who's figuring out how it all works together.
Another key is that it really helps if everyone down to the concession guy loves the game and the team and they understand that doing their part well is the best way to act on that love of the game.

my son's first job, 15 years old, cold stone creamery. business was slow. the little manager girl (also in the owning family) pulls together this band of teens, and through her tears tells them that if they don't sell more ice cream the place will close. they didn't. it did. i almost laughed out loud when he told me about it. they didn't love ice cream quite that much :)

Went to a Wizards game last night. Know what you mean. A thought I had last night was that all the pieces of the puzzle are important but some are more important than others to see what the picture is. For example, nothing is more important than winning games. The Wizards stink and it shows in the seats and I'm sure in the check book too. The Caps are crushing and you can't get a ticket and I'm sure Ted Leonsis is seeing the profit in every area. The challenge is that there are so many pieces to the puzzle piece of winning games.

Is that Jack Black?

Wow, yes so true.

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