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I am loving on Andy Stanley's Leadership Podcast. His latest about becoming a student is pretty sweet. (Wish it came more often!)

I can never get enough of John Piper. I came across (again) a message he gave back in 2005 at University Christian Fellowship regarding the supremacy of God in all things and the prosperity gospel.

Here is the direct mp3 link:

Matt Chandler's recent series on defining what the 'Church' is...

Matt Chandler's "39 Weeks" was phenomenal and
you'd probably enjoy Mark Driscoll's "The Ox: Qualifications of a Church Planter"
(Both of those are a couple months old, but exceptional)

Ill have to agree with Billy up there, Andy's leadership podcast are short and sweet. Just listened to the one today on becoming a student not a critic, Im 32 yrs old and am looking to my "rebeillious" 20 yr olds to see things differently than I do.

Darren Patrick's talk on the Acts29 podcast about creating a culture of repentance was one of the top 5 podcasts I've ever heard. A-mazing...

I just listened to Piper's Feb sermon on the recession and really liked it.

I once heard a guy give a Christmas talk about stars....

I really enjoy the Veritas Forum Podcast... fairly cerebral, but you can not beat the talks by NT Wright and Tim Keller in these secular settings (the new apologists).

I also have been enjoying the Neue podcast. Cameron's interview with Rob Bell was great.

A message by Tommy Sparger at North Point Church in Springfield, MO on John 14:6, Titled "One Way"

He has a great sense of where the church is today and what this generation is looking for. Amazing message

I listened to this and it blessed my greatly through its amazing honesty. It is called 'The wilderness experience'. For those who haven't been through this you may well do.

This one has been out for a little bit, but had a great series called Practical Atheist.

Here's the link:

Matt Chandler's message "The Shepherd and his Unregenerate Sheep" at the Desiring God conference is on my ipod right now. I've listened to it 3 times in less than a month. "aren't we all suposed to be the Bible guy dumb-dumb?" CLASSIC!


Anything from Gregg Heinsch and a little church in Orlando, FL, called "Celebration Community Church." The last series on Acts called "Being Missional: Living the Kingdom" is incredible.



Anything from the Official LOST podcast!

"Grace to become who you want to be" Francis Chan- Cornerstone Church from 3/16/08 :)

Mark Driscoll's current series "Trial" on 1 and 2 Peter...the Feb 9 message he had some great words about preaching and what it means biblically.

Hey Ben. I hate to sound like a loser, but... I'm doing a series entitled "training day." it's about temptation (good kind vs. evil kind). This has really pumped me up and empowered our congregation. I hope you enjoy it-

The message was "Thin Line 1.1"

I agree with Sabrina. You should also check out Francis Chan's sermon from 2 weeks ago called "Even Francis has a bad day"... He challenges the fact that we are accountable to these Podcasts we listen to... Do not meerly listen to the word and so decieve yourself, do what it says. Check it out... Oh yeah, I always love the Catalyst podcast too. Gotta say thanks for pulling that together!

Fellowship Memphis' Ben Parkinson "Being White In America"... you have never heard anything like it!

Mark Dever just did one this week called, "The Pastor".

I'm not a pastor but it still was good listening to.

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