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Public confession: It's amazing how a list like this can expose the evil of my heart. I found myself rolling my eyes at some on the list and deep inside also wondering when I might make a list like that. I am full of pride and thankful that the Gospel not only exposes my idols but draws me back to Jesus in repentance and faith.

Thanks for the list Ben. Nice to think beyond my personal favorites and preferences.

thanks for the transparency Jason. a list like this does bring out the biases in all of us

Amazing confession Jason and agreed!

It is cool to see how many great preachers are effectively sharing the gospel. A list like this makes me pumped for One Prayer!

Giglio takes it.

Can my high school students do write-in votes? haha

This is a heck of a list, no doubt... but I'll bet the most thoroughbred pastor isn't on this list. He is leading in some rural community, working at the wheel, bringing people to Jesus.

I feel about this the same way I do about those innovative church lists that come out every year. Same churches listed about every time.

Late on my answer, but Ed Young is a genius communicator. Love him.

Never heard the guy preach live but he is a creative genius with a rocking blog...

B. Arment

Francis Chan. His name made Ben's list twice! Seek God, give 50% away, live your faith...

im an alum of #2 university and attended #3 for a semester. Maybe I should start preaching. :)

I would like to thank my mom for nominating me.

How do you Know Brian Brennt!? He is a mentor and pastor. He is a man of God!

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