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Thanks. Really good. This helps me understand.

This is so true but isn't it also the work of the Church and churches to be a part of God bringing things back to the original? We saw a picture of this on the day of Pentecost and in the early church when people from different nations, cultures, ethnicities, were all brought together. When a church begins bringing people together, it is doing its job.

Excellent thoughts Ben, as always. Can't wait for the book!

chris, what's interesting about pentecost is that the message was heard in each person's own language... in other words, God met each one of them in their own cultural context. They each went back to their own communities.


totally agree with you Ben.

my only prayer is that when our communities become increasingly mixed, then our churches and ministry efforts will (and should) as well.

however - you are right on that God equips us all to reach different people.

God bless you bro.

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