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I think there is a lot of merit to this idea... especially for iconic locations, like the CS Lewis residence. Obviously, fitting the iconic location to the intended audience is key - which may be why Reston Town Center didn't drive people's experience as much as you and I thought it might. I could see a thought-leadership gathering working in Oxford, and a crowd focused on courageous action meeting at the snowshoe lodge, etc.

I actually thought the Reston Town Center worked very well - I can think of no other reason in the world that I'd ever go to Reston, or ever heard of Reston, and at some level, it was intriguing because I brought my wife and daughter to hang out at the town center.

That said, I love the creative energy by meeting at an iconic location, but I don't have any off the top of my head . . .

I vote for The Kilns in Oxford, England.

Christ Church Guesthouse in Jerusalem:)

i think if you want people to enjoy the destination they have to be there for longer then one day so that people have a chance to get out and experience the surroundings.
reston town center didn't play to the crowd at whiteboard because the attendees were male (majority). not many male, middle aged pastors have a deep love for gap.

I was just at Green Lake Conf Center - - in Wisconsin a few weekends ago. Out in the middle of nowhere with a bit of historical significance. But I think God has anointed that place. And I think their vision and mission would fall totally in line with what you are doing.

Reston Town Center was pretty awesome.

Quebec!! Of course I live in Montreal. But think about it, one of the least reached cultures in N.A., the best restaurants and entertainment in Canada, and it's one of the most European cities in N.A. too. Plus it's a unique culture.
Sorry, I'm biased.

Ben, I love your attention to detail. I noticed a lot of subtleties at Whiteboard, although the Town Center environment wasn't at the top of the list. Now that you mention it, it was a great environment for the conference - providing lunch\dinner options and some other free-time activities.

I'm with Gail though, I think you would have needed the conference to be a bit longer before hearing more talk. That or choosing a venue where there are NO options and no creative backdrop -- then you would have heard some negative chit-chat.

[btw] - I vote England!

Quebec, Canada?? Do you realize that's like saying I'd like to host a conference in China, Planet Earth? All parts of Quebec are not created equal my blogging friend. I know it's only Canada but please don't contribute to our inferiority complex.

dido. i am keen on the environment. i love the beach but when i go to saddleback, etc. it is hard to squeeze it in without it being a longer event or a shorter day.

great thoughts bro. i am down with the viking trip. sign me up.

great feedback. thanks for taking the time. The Kilns it is. =)

The Theater Conference was in downtown Silver Spring and people loved the environment: the restaurants, shops, fountain, diversity. I wouldn't give up on town centers, yet :-) However, I would also vote for a Caribbean island as a destination, either Bahamas or one of the Lesser Antilles, such as St. Thomas.

It is interesting b/c I was at Whiteboard and did not think of the backdrop much, even though I did walk around a bit...however I think the idea has merit. I currently live in new orleans where I attend seminary and this week starbucks has sent thousands of this managers to town. Now why did they choose N.O. Well firstly they wanted to rebuilding work on the city (BTW N.O. and the MS Gulf Coast are still in ruins and the churches need help)but secondly starbucks knew their people would enjoy the city. Every conference that is held in N.O. is held in the French Quarter b/c of the "attractions" available to those who attend. (need I say more) there is something to say for the back drop....however we should not forget that content is king...I remember Nelson Searcy's church planting conference a few years ago that was held a hotel near the Airport so people could fly in for the conf. and then fly right back out.....but that’s just my two cents...

lol@Tim. Whats wrong with saying Quebec, canada? Come on now...

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