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ouch, that hurts.

but then it feels good.

Oh man! Have you hacked my mail dude??!! I do work on public high school campuses and I am trying to do an entrepreneurial club with many details but I am calling on business professionals to come in and teach. So, I sort of know this guy who is a capital venturist (sp?). I asked him if he could come for a few days, his answer? "It's just not high on my priority list". What!? I'm talking MAYBE a 3 hour commitment! To reach the next generation for CHRIST, not ME!! Anyway, if he thinks he's heard the last of me he is SADLY mistaken. mwhahah.

Good thoughts Ben and so true...

I learned this a while back... and it does hurt.


When I pastored a larger church, I had a ton of "friends." These people would answer my phone calls and e-mails, and even call me from time to time. Now that I'm not pastoring a large church I don't ever hear from them. They don't return my calls or e-mails. It's amazing how things change based on the size of your church or the status of your role.

Perhaps the greatest leap from leading church to planting a church was not financial after all. Perhaps it was relational...

one life transition is all it takes to see who your real friends are.

good things for me to think about.
*am i making time for people unlike me.
*who used to be in my circle but who has gotten squeezed out
*what is high on my list right now
*what is low on my list
*how do i love my list but not go crazy

You're right...that does hurt!

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