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This post is really good man. I like the way you are thinking. I read the anatomy of buzz last year and it went down this road quite a bit.
Our church launched publicly this weekend. You can see the pics and video at my blog.


we're in that process of helping people just learn how to connect and carry conversations. It has been so true that the majority of our growth has come from these connectors (raving fans). The other interesting part for us, is that the connectors have almost all been people who were not followers of Jesus before coming to The Journey. Now, to start thinking about how we can better resource these "connectors". Good thoughts.

Hi Ben,

Great thoughts. I've thought about ways we can better ourselves in this area. Did you do anything special at RCC that helped in this area?

I love this post! Am I jaded to say that I think this role is frequently overlooked by the folks in charge?

As a person whose fundamental social skills have taken a long time to develop, this makes soo much sense!
I've always wanted to be a 'connector' but it's not been easy.
Praying that God will strengthen me in that area even today!

Scott, we gave them Starbucks cards to fuel their networking... among other things

I totally agree. After I read Tipping Point, I put this on my radar big. I put these kinds of people in my calendar and make sure I resource them. Great post thanks

Hal Mayer
Church at the Bay

Wow! There are some things that we know, but just seem to forget...
And then people remind us with words that we want to always remember...
Thank you for this post!
It's timely, and simply profound.

We were talking about this in our staff meeting the other day. Our #s are down and our "Friend Day" (thanks Rick Warren) hasn't been as successful as it once was. People aren't inviting people or they're inviting the same people they always have. We have to start teaching people to build relationships outside of our church. Right now its just a big Christian group hug.

I've never sketched it out, but we have some really cool stories at our church where there are long strings of this person invited this person who invited this person who invited this person who invited this person...

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