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I know this is off the post topic a bit but... reading this actually made me think about titles for some reason. How people often play to position. How we treat others differently when we THINK they are not of a position of influence or stature. Stereotypes or perceptions in some way I guess. Like walking into a room and seeing a guy that is young and grungy and avoiding him at first but then later finding out he is multi-millionaire... and then trying to be friends with him.

God has given you great insight. Everyone likes to coach from down on the playing field, but some of the best offensive coordinators are stationed high above the field in the press box. This enables them to see important details about the game not even the head coach can see. Thank you for telling us what you see, so that we as coaches-pastors can lead our teams more effectively. (sorry for the corny football analogy, but it is that season)

You're likely to step on some toes with this post, so i just want to stand beside you and say i agree.

On one hand we do have thousands of things a day pulling for our attention so social justice issues should capture our attention.
But on the other hand, if we really love people then the issues will be at the forefront of our minds anyway.

"Carrying a puppy in a purse." Oh my, this is a riot. It is also unfortunately the best poster for what you are talking about. Thanks for the truth.

You may not be pastoring anymore - but you sure are preaching right now.

Good stuff!

i totally agree with you ben. but, while making it "fashionable" may not be the most noble thing, the results are worth it. they've gotten a lot of folks to give and support worthy causes as a result of great marketing that otherwise would have sat by the wayside. whatever it takes...

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