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"Most of us are educated far beyond our level of obedience."

Man, that'll preach. I'm totally stealing that line from you Ben!

You should have a small quote book... even though you'd have to be conceited....
(have someone else keep it for you..._

"Most of us are educated far beyond our level of obedience."

I love it (but can I live it?)

you know, I stole that from a book long ago, but I can't for the life of me remember who said it.

I agree Ben, but I also wonder if it's not just thinking they aren't spiritually mature enough -how many Christians think they are more mature than they are - and the truth is, they just don't want to put in the effort and deal with the messiness of helping out a new church? Which, speaks volumes about their level of spiritual maturity.

i think people also just want to go somewhere where it will be easy. where programs and systems and "the way things are done" are already in place so it's plug and play with no inconvenience.

Now when you tie in our consumer mindset in North America with our belief that we are not spiritually mature enough to make a difference, that is a perfect storm for the establishment of the status quo.

Ben, I hear your heart.

great post! i just hate that many Christians who "opt-out" aren't going to read this and feel encouraged to find a church where they can make a difference.

You said a mouthful, bro. As a church planter, I can relate to this. I see this all the time. There are believers that can be so valuable to great church plants, but they decide to go to where "their needs can be met" or to a place that is "more established." It's difficult to challenge that mindset without people thinking that you are trying to "recruit" them for your church. Bless you.

As someone in the boat of looking for a church at the moment, I didn't end up at the big church in town. It didn't have the right feel for me, whatever that is. I would love to find a good church plant where I could help out. But they're harder to find than the big churches. You have to drive by a sign that may only be up on Sunday morning. Advertising money is small or nonexistent. Any advice on finding one?

great point, Ben!

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm probably educated beyond my obedience. No more, thanks to your post. I'm coming forward to the altar of repentance!

People want to be a part of something that's growing and thriving and successful, so a smaller church might have to do a little more to make sure this is visible. I think this is one case where web presence can make a huge difference. A killer site that communicates the vision with excitement and passion can help a smaller church level the playing field as people research churches to visit.

I continue to come back to these types of posts. I am so convicted about being educated beyond my obedience, not only in my spiritual walk, but also in other areas of my life. Thanks for the kick!

The fact is in the west we are consumers....Most Christians I have met look for a church (or change churches) because of what it can do for them. Not for the church that God can work through them in.

thanks for the amazing comments, my friends. it's rare that i can write a post everyone agrees with - but this is obviously a truth that's not hard to embrace

Fire, I'm sorry, I like what you wrote, but I don't allow anonymous comments on here.

First, like others who posted, the last line of your post sums it up for me. "Most of us are educated far beyond our level of obedience." Seems that obedience is something the church should emphasize much more these days. We need more conviction as a body to do what He said. Application is of far greater importance than head knowledge.

Second... I think the default church factor is kind of like that old saying "nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd." By default so many think "well, ___ church must be the best church to go to because everyone else seems to be going there." A sad reality. Many great ministries never get off the ground because of it but our society is conditioned in this way. Most want the biggest and fastest... church choice doesn't seem to be much different.

It could also be that in the bigger churches it's a little easier for someone to slip in and slip out without as much fan-fare of them being a first time guest.


Great post...As far as the line "Most of us are educated far beyond our level of obedience," I don't know where you first heard it, but Mark Batterson says the same thing in his new book "Wild Goose Chase." Check it out at

God bless!

I have actually spoken to several people at my "big" church who have said that they once served at a smaller church and because of a bad experience or burnout...they came to our church to hide out and be anonymous. I wonder how many people are in that situation and are afraid to go back.

so many of us need to hear this... over and over and over again.

Ben . . . talk about members seeking out big and established churches with "much" to offer! what about staffers - how many of us see to move up when God begins to stir in our heart it is time to move to a new land? How many have moved to smaller churches for less money at the invitation to help a church get off the ground.

Refreshing...I started this series of posts, from my similar experiences, today.

My heart is hurting Ben. Keep going, God will bless your forum and your platform.


I was going to comment on that last sentence but everyone else already did. DEEEEEEEP!

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