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That's pretty rad bro!

I'm in. Awesome idea. Who gets to vote?

i say you get to vote if you give... every $100 wins you one vote =)

i like the way you think ben.

hmmm... i might try to do this...

Definitely do it. I'd help. I have some web design ability and have friends who are much much better.

I was thinking about something similar the other day while reading about the X-prize in Fast Company...I love it...however, i think everyone should be able to vote, not just those that are able to give....however, that does leave the question of funding...

Ben, if you do it - I'm in! Great idea...this whole transition to Catalyst has really got your creative juices flowing!!

I'm in... :)

Great idea! I love it!

This is a great idea. I think you've got to require a contribution to vote, but make the buy in smaller. The more radical idea would be to get a campaign going early next time a major player like AMEX runs a contest like this and get THEIR money dedicated to church planting. I'll bet Christians have enough votes if we did it in a coordinated way. I guess we'd have to walk a thin line to make sure our efforts weren't seen as a jerkish political ploy. Maybe not church planting, but some sort of Christian compassion outreach that puts their faith up front.

I bet there are a lot of future planters out there who would love to plant outside the strangle holds of denominations and bureaucracy of the mother church... this would be an amazing opportunity.

So what's the minimum contribution amount to vote? And to submit a church plant?

I'd be in for helping in any way I could with something like this. Marketing, implimentation, networking with individuals and organizations who can cast a vote and support financially. Would have to have some really good criteria in place to determine which plants get supported, not just those with popularity.

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