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I wanted to leave a one syllable response, but that sometimes bothers people, so I added all of this. Being a part of a few myself, and struggling to ever be at a church that "has it all together"......


That ever changing environment can be good for people like me that get bored quickly.

However, I am finding that you wish some things wouldn't change so your launch team.

How do we do that...we're just trying to l-o-v-e people the old style way. I'm not sure how that looks yet, but mostly just slowing down and paying attention when someone is hurting.

I think it was Steve Sjogren who said that God uses a launch team like scaffolding to erect a building. They're invaluable to getting the church off the ground, but once the walls go up, God has to take them away

Good post, Ben! We're in the midst of planting a church in one of our neighboring cities, so in a couple of weeks we'll lose like a third from our congregation. I'm amazed how many church members take this change to move back from our church and start looking to other churches in the surrounding areas...

Very true...Amen

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